With a variety of VisiJet material combinations available, you’re sure to find the MultiJet 3D printing material that meets the unique needs of your rapid prototyping project. Whether you use the ProJet MJP 5600 or another printer from this series, we have the MultiJet printer material combination to help get the job done fast. 

  • VisiJet CR-BK (MJP)

    VisiJet CR-BK (MJP)

    Plástico preto opaco rígido

  • Compostos multimateriais 3D Systems ProJet MJP 5500X

    VisiJet compostos multimateriais (MJP)

    Dezenas de escolhas de materiais em uma única peça

  • Estátua 3D Systems VisiJet CR-WT

    VisiJet CR-WT 200 (MJP)

    Plástico branco opaco e rígido

  • Medidor 3D Systems VisiJet CR-CL Clear

    VisiJet CR-CL 200 (MJP)

    Plástico transparente translúcido rígido

  • VisiJet CE-NT (MJP) tn

    VisiJet CE-NT (MJP)

    Elastomérico translúcido natural

  • VisiJet CE-BK (MJP)

    VisiJet CE-BK (MJP)

    Elastômero opaco preto