• dentures being scanned


    Gather your patients anatomy digitally via scan impressions. Our 3D printing workflows are compatible with all industry-leading, intra-oral/desktop scanning solutions.

  • software showing a denture design


    Import your scan data into dental CAD software to design models, dentures, and other dental applications. 3D Systems’ NextDent 5100 offers a trusted connection with industry-leading dental software suppliers.

  • a 3D Dental Printer opening up with dental parts in a tray


    Upload your design files into 3D Systems' 3D Sprint advanced software for file preparation, editing, printing and management, including a one click solution for optimized vertical stacking.

  • a person holding a denture taken from a post processing machine

    Post Processing

    Make your post-curing process fast and reliable with our LC-3DPrint Box. Post-curing is a necessary step in the workflow to produce biocompatible end-products with certified NextDent materials for medical devices.

Customer Stories
O Dr. Michael Scherer transforma a experiência do paciente e acelera a produção dentária com a impressora 3D NextDent 5100....
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  • Learn More About Our Dental Workflow and Products

  • NextDent 5100

    The NextDent 5100 facilitates high-speed 3D printing for production of dental appliances and sacrificial castings.

  • NextDent LCD1

    This small-sized printer using LCD technology delivers a complete workflow combined with our new NextDent Wash & Cure for post processing.

  • NextDent materials

    Learn more about the unique NextDent portfolio of more than 30 3D dental printing materials addressing multiple dental applications.

  • Accessories

    The LC-3DPRINT BOX is for UV post-curing to produce a biocompatible end-product. The LC-3DMixer keeps the NextDent 3D materials at an optimum consistency and ready for use.

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“The NextDent 5100 enables me to do things in my office – like expedited dentures – that I couldn’t do before, and it’s having a real impact on my patients’ lives. I frequently have patients who break teeth right before a big trip or life event, and with the NextDent printer I can now offer treatment in the same afternoon versus the temporary patches that are common practice using conventional techniques.”
— Dr. Michael Scherer, Prosthodontist
  • NextDent 3D printing materials for medical devices are biocompatible and CE certified in accordance with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, listed at FDA, and registered in various other countries.

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