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    Learn about available SLS materials, their properties, available colors and printer compatibility at a glance.

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As aplicações incluem:

  • Prototypes that require the toughness and durability of molded polypropylene (PP) or ABS
  • Low to mid volume direct manufacturing of end-use parts
  • Complex, thin-walled ducts
  • Aircraft and motorsports parts
  • Enclosures and housings
  • Parts with snap-fits and living hinges
  • Automotive dashboards, grilles and bumpers

Impressoras compatíveis com esse material:

  • sPro 60 HD-HS

    Compact 3D printer for tough and durable plastic parts

  • sPro 230

    Peças termoplásticas resistentes e duráveis em tamanho grande

  • sPro 140

    Peças termoplásticas com repetibilidade e alta produtividade